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About Dental Services and Surgery

Dental Services
& Surgery

As GHB, we continue to achieve success in healthy and aesthetic smile architecture with our advanced technology and expert dentists.

Image by Caroline LM
Dental Services & Surgery GHB

WE help YOU get convenient care, stay within budget and get treated on time.

Patient Focused - You are our top priority.

25 Years of Medical Excellence.

​Reputable and award-winning Hospitals with over 22,500 employees including 3,500 doctors and surgeons and 4,000 nurses.

Highly qualified surgeons and specialists of each medical field.

Advanced treatments, latest surgery methods and cutting-edge technology.

Flexibility of treatment - Book the procedure when it is most convenient for you.

All inclusive packages at affordable prices.

Destination of your choice – Turkey, Greece, Albania or Kosovo.

We are a 0% commission clinic and are dedicated to finding you the best price possible.

We are with you before, through and after your treatment.

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