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About Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

The skin care specialist does face and body care to improve the appearance of individuals. The client has many responsibilities such as analysing skin condition, recommending products to use, and providing facial and full body treatment services.

At GHB, we serve you with our expert team and advanced technology products.

Facial Treatment

Facial Treatments Services

Services Results

Facial Packages

Bronze Package

To remove dead skin, unclog pores, deep hydration, soothe irritated skin. It includes:

  1. Microdermabrasion

  2. High-frequency Treatment

  3. Honey Enzymes Treatment


Silver Package 

To treat acne, acne scars, problematic skin, old scars, hyperpigmentation. It includes:

  1. Deep cleanse treatment

  2. Biological Peel and

  3. Choice of:

    1. Laser Treatment

    2. Microneedling


Gold Package

This package provides a customised treatment plan using advanced techniques to address all your skin concerns. It includes:

  1. Premium deep cleanse / High-frequency treatment

  2. Chemical peel and 

  3. Choice of:

    1. Laser Treatment

    2. Microneedling


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