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Alketa Tuni

A Visionary in Medical Aesthetics

Alketa Tuni, a distinguished practitioner in medical aesthetics, brings over 32 years of experience to the forefront. Beginning her journey in medicine, she specialised in skin therapies, igniting a path that would lead to her exceptional career.

After refining her skills alongside top experts in the field, Alketa founded her own clinic. In a span of 15 years, her clinic earned an impressive 17 gold prizes for excellence in skin and facial treatments, including cutting-edge laser therapies. Alketa's medical background shines through in her mastery of advanced facial enhancements and transformative skin therapy. Her deep-seated knowledge of lasers adds an extra layer of finesse to her already impressive repertoire.

Alketa Tuni's legacy is one of continuous innovation and expertise, delivering a harmonious blend of medical precision and artistic finesse.

Alketa Tuni
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