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About Body Contouring

Body Contouring

Nowadays, due to aging, giving birth or weight gain, increase in body fat, formation of excess skin and sagging due to these excesses can be seen. All of the surgeries performed to correct such deformations are called body shaping surgery.

As GHB, we offer healthy solutions with our specialist physicians and advanced technologies.

Natural Beauty
Body Contouring GHB

WE help YOU get convenient care, stay within budget and get treated on time.

Patient Focused - You are our top priority.

25 Years of Medical Excellence.

​Reputable and award-winning Hospitals with over 22,500 employees including 3,500 doctors and surgeons and 4,000 nurses.

Highly qualified surgeons and specialists of each medical field.

Advanced treatments, latest surgery methods and cutting-edge technology.

Flexibility of treatment - Book the procedure when it is most convenient for you.

All inclusive packages at affordable prices.

Destination of your choice – Turkey, Greece, Albania or Kosovo.

We are a 0% commission clinic and are dedicated to finding you the best price possible.

We are with you before, through and after your treatment.

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