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About Breast Enhancement & Reconstruction

Breast Enhancement & Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction, also known as breast repair, may be due to cancer (the biggest cause is cancers) or trauma burns. We call breast repair or breast reconstruction the process of reconstructing and reshaping breast tissue that does not develop with congenital anomalies.

As GHB, we offer healthy solutions with our specialist physicians and advanced technologies.

Image by Victoria Strukovskaya
Breast Enhancement & Reconstruction GHB

Quick, safe and effective, Breast Surgery can help restore body confidence and happiness.

Breast Surgery is a most effective and immediate corrective procedure, providing a safe and convenient solution, restoring confidence to thousands of women each year.

Here at GHB:

  • We have been providing medical excellence for over 25 years.

  • We use the highest quality CE Mark and FDA-approved implants

  • We are World-renowned Cosmetic Breast Surgeons

  • We use state of the art facilities, clinics and hospitals

  • We will advise on the ideal breast surgery for your frame

  • We choose between teardrop and round implants

  • We see our patients’ results with their before and after photos

  • We are highly competitive prices

  • We run Clinics & Hospitals in several European destinations

  • We carry out Consultations and Post Care at our London Clinic

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